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Event Log Janitor 1.0


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Description of
Event Log Janitor
Event Log Janitor Emails Event Logs at predefined Intervals (in hours) that you specify and you can optionally clear them. Supported logs: APPLICATION, SECURITY, SYSTEM, DIRECTORY SERVICE, FILE REPLICATION SERVICE, and DNS Server. Simple to use, requires no SMTP Server setup - specify DNS Server, email address(es), hour interval to email, and whether or not to clear the log in the easy portable dialog configuration. Requires the MS.NET Framework from Microsoft's site. A great utility, simple to use for Network Admins, Security Admins, Power Users, and anyone who wants to keep an eye on their system and security functions anywhere across the Internet!
Windows NT, Windows 2000
Event Log Janitor
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Author: Streiff Information Services
License: Shareware
Price: $29.99
File Size: 949.2 KB
Downloads: 3

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